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The Inspiration

With the construction with some incredibly DeFi products offering "interest-bearing tokens", such as Compound's cTokenx (including cWBTC), Synthetix' SUSD that can be printed with its SNX token, and bZx's iTokens, these tokens interplay with Kyber's Limit Order functionality in a super unique way

Specifically, users can utilize Kyber's limit order functions to fill orders based on interest rate targets, rather than time-based interest rate estimations, as the limit orders are able to stay open indefinitely until the user kills the order, or if it fills.
This also works for holding certain staking-supported coins, which offer rewards for holding coins, as Kyber's limit orders are non-custodial, users can hold the limit order while earning rewards in the meantime.

We offer a tool to spit out the exact parameters needed to construct a Kyber Limit Order to execute the desired interest bearing strategies, and introduce the potential to automatically take interest and lever up on it, in the future using Fulcrum bZx tokens or buying cETH & levering on Compound.

Similar to, users may risk their interest instead of their principal with just one click. This feature is now available on the Limit To Win It bZx Page.

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This hack still has a ways to go to finish pushing everything to the LIMIT.
Future improvements (more to add):

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